Back on land

Mostly motoring, we arrived back in Germany, in Flensburg. Somehow, many not so nice things striked us and made us miss Scandinavia: many baggers, homeless drunken people, dirty streets and […]

Gliding through Little Belt

Today was the fastest ride ever for us. With wind and current, we were gliding at 9 knots *crazy* This time, all of us saw three porpoises so closely to […]

Mini town – maxi ramparts

Going with headwind to Fredericia made our yacht list super heavily. We went closely along the coast so the waves were rather small and we actually dared eat our cereal. […]

Classic, modern, pre-history

There wasn‘t much wind on our rather short trip to Århus. At least for a short distance, our sails were able to add 1 knot to our motor speed, then […]

Apple safari

We had hard times undocking in the marina of Anholt. The strong wind kept pressing us onto the pier. By going forward along the pier, we could increase the distance […]

THE desert

From Læsø to Anholt, we were sailing with headwind for the first time. The heavy listing we could have coped with. But waves from the side made the yacht roll […]

Prawn island

Unfortunately, we didn’t have any wind power that we could have used for sailing today. Well, that also meant, there were hardly any waves that would roll the yacht. Close […]

Harbour fishing

We were glad that it was just a short trip to Skärhamn because the waves made the boat feel similar to a roller coaster. Just enough to remind us of […]

The maze fortress

It was amazing how close we got to the rocks in the narrowest passage of the day, near Marstrand. By chance, we took a climbing route up to ‚Carlsten Fortress‘ […]

Canal exit

On the way to Gothenburg: In the marina of Gothenburg, the first thing we did was pumping out our super full board toilet. That took almost two hours (!!!) because […]