beauVoyage is a travel blog platform. It allows users to blog about the journeys with features that are meant for documenting journeys.
To own a blog with 10 GB of storage space you only need the basic plan, which costs 5€ for a whole year! There is a premium upgrade that grants you extra features for your blog, such as making your blog viewable only to you and 999 of your invitees. However, you do not need that to start blogging.
beauVoyage is powered by the German company beauBateau GmbH. We are fully GDPR-compliant. Please consult with our Privacy Policy for details.
Simply go the the main tab of the account page at https://beau.voyage/account after login, and follow the instructions. After your blog is created, you will see a bar on top of our website to navigate into your blog.
Within your blog dashboard, there is the story menu. From there you can add new stories. Remember to associate to each story a featured image with geolocation and a journey that the story belongs to.
Contact us at [email protected]
We can tailor you a plan based on individual requests.